The Thrill Explained

Archery Tag takes the concepts of Dodgeball, Paintball, and The Hunger Games and combines them. Two teams battle it out to eliminate members of the other team, or score 5 points by hitting a target board in the center of the field.

Safety First

  1. Safety is #1. Each and every player must keep their mask on to protect their face until the referee blows the whistle signifying the end of the round.
    *Only masks provided by SuperNoVa Archery are permitted for use.

  2. Players must keep their bow in their hands at all times. Where ever you go, your bow goes too.
    *Only bows provided by SuperNoVa Archery are permitted for use.

  3. The only form of physical contact should come from an arrow making contact with another player. Deviation from this rule is grounds for permanent removal from the game.



The maximum number of players on the field at one time is 12, allowing you to play rounds of 6 v 6 Archery Tag. 5 vs 5, 4 vs 4, & 3 vs 3, scenarios can be set up as well. We are equipped to handle large crowds and are comfortably prepared to provide the Archery Tag experience to  ~100 participants per hour. 

Players primary goals are to tag players on the other team with arrows, and tag the target board in the middle of the other team’s side.

Tagged players exit the field, but are eligible to return if the target board is struck or if a teammate catches an arrow. Catching an arrow does not eliminate opponents in Archery Tag.

Age Limits

Archery Tag is a family-friendly experience open to everyone that can maneuver the field and carry their bow. We recommend this activity for those that are at least 8 years of age* for a truly enjoyable experience

We will not turn down the opportunity for those that are younger than 8 years of age to participate. As we previously stated this is a family-friendly experience open to all that can grasp the concept of the game.

We also provide experiences and lessons more suited to younger archers. More information about these programs will be published soon, but if your child has expressed an interest in archery feel free to reach out!