The Thrill Explained...

Archery Tag takes the concepts of Dodgeball, Paintball, and The Hunger Games and combines them all in to one

Every player receives a mask and a bow prior to the start of each round. Teams are divided evenly and at the sound of the whistle, players sprint to the middle to obtain their arrows. 

The Objective

There are 3 ways to win in Archery Tag...

  1. Remove each player on the opposing team by tagging them with an arrow.
  2. Remove each of the 5 targets on the opposing teams target board with an arrow.
  3. Be the team with the most remaining targets on the target board at the end of the round. 


  1. Safety is #1. Each and every player must keep their mask on to protect their face until the referee blows the whistle signifying the end of the round.
    *Only masks provided by SuperNoVa Archery are permitted for use. 
  2. Players must keep their bow in their hands at all times. Where ever you go, your bow goes too.
    *Only bows provided by SuperNoVa Archery are permitted for use.
  3. The only form of physical contact should come from an arrow making contact with another player. Deviation from this rule is grounds for permanent termination from the game. 
  4. The referee's word is final. It is their job to manage the flow of the game.
  5. ... HAVE FUN!